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Standard of Accreditation

Implementation Examples

2015 Midwinter Conference Resources


CACREP Programs
Full List of Accreditated and Unaccreditated Programs


Advancing Psychology through Advocacy
APA Commission on Accreditation: 2014 Highlights and 2015 Plans
HRSA Funded Programs
Master Training and State Level Advocacy
Master's in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council
Proposed Changes to CCPTP Articles of Association
PSYCAS: the centralized application service for graduate psychology
The Scientist-Practitioner-Adovcate Model: Addressing Contemporary Training Needs for Social Justice Advocacy


2008 Survey Qualifying Exams
2009 Survey Background Checks
2009 Survey Internship and Degree Completion
2009 Survey Internship Backup Plan
2009 Survey Summer Tuition
2013 Survey Internship Preparation
2015 Survey APA Accredited Internships
2015 Survey MCAC Accreditation


Lehigh University Syllabus Psychometric Principles
Texas Tech University Cognitive Assessment
Texas Women's University Syllabus Cognition Emotion
University of Albany Syllabus Assessment Measurement
University of Kansas Syllabus Measurement
University of Kentucky Syllabus Measurement Theory
University of Missouri - Kansas City Syllabus Cognition Emotion